Indoor Living Products

Searching for unique interior decorating ideas?  Looking for something eye-catching?  Custom-designed furniture provides a one-of-a-kind design that will stand out while complementing your design stlye.

We offer a a wide range of indoor mixed media products, including custom-designed furniture.  Our unique indoor products mix metal, wood, stone, granite, and glass, to create truly amazing art-inspired designs.


Outdoor Living Products

Looking to enhance your outdoor living space with distinctive furniture and landscaping features?  Maybe you desire an outdoor art sculpture or design?

EnVue offers outdoor furniture, fire & water features, outdoor living, and outdoor art products.  Our outdoor living products include barn beam benches, floating benches, fire pits, and other exceptional, high-quality furniture.


Reclaimed Barwood Products

Looking for custom hardware, metal frames, signage, custom furniture or any specialty product?  Let our in-house engineering team help you design your unique idea today.  EnVue provides cast and forged metal fabrication, stamping, painting, powder coating and texturing services.

From concept sketches to production, we can make your design ideas become reality.  We can custom DESIGN it, CUT it, BEND it, WELD it and UNIQUELY FINISH it!


The EnVue team has nearly 30 years of experience in hardware manufacturing.

Let our professional team assist you with your next renovation or new construction project.


At EnVue, we provide only the highest-quality products and best-quality service.

We design and build many of our own products, thereby controlling the quality process.


We strive hard to earn our customer’s trust.  This trust is the result of the high standards we place on our services and products.

Place your trust in us.