Barnwood Hardware

Reclaimed Barnwood Products

Can't find what you need?  EnVue offers a wide range of rustic, barnwood-related hardware.  We supply and manufacture steel door rails, door rollers, door locks, door latches, door frames, and door accessories.  Additionally, we manufacture steel shelf and mantel brackets.

EnVue offers custom, low-volume and high-volume solutions for your hardware needs.  Our in-house engineering support team can design and manufacture it for you!  Provide us a sketch and measurements, and we will turn it into reality.

Barnwood Doors

Reclaimed Barnwood Products

Barnwood doors preserve history and are environmentally friendly by recycling and reusing wood.  EnVue reclaimed barnwood doors are the perfect choice to add rustic charm to your home or business.  Our doors are made from authentic, dismantled barns, some 150 years old!

Reclaimed barnwood is available unpainted or with weathered shades of red, white, gray, and brown.  Barnwood material includes tulip, poplar, old-growth pine, elm, maple, oak and black walnut lumber.

Barnwood Mantels

Reclaimed Barnwood Products

Looking to add unique character to your fireplace?  EnVue reclaimed barnwood mantels are a great choice!

Our reclaimed barnwood oak, beech, and pine mantels are recycled from old barn beams and posts.  We offer a variety of square or rectangular sizes.  Mantel styles include hand hewn, circle-milled, or heat-treated pine.

Mantels may contain cracks, nail holes, nails, mortise pockets, and holes - perfect for creating a rustic look!

Barnwood Shelving

Reclaimed Barnwood Products

Reclaimed barnwood shelving is an easy solution to provide a bucolic setting for your kitchen, bath, family room, or office.  EnVue offers a wide range of shelf widths and lengths.

Our barnwood shelving comes from authentic, dismantled barns.  Shelving is either hand hewn or circle-milled.  Typically 1-2 inches thick and 6-12 inches wide, our shelving is available up to 4 feet in length.

EnVue reclaimed barnwood shelving can also be custom cut for your specific project needs.

Barnwood Flooring

Reclaimed Barnwood Products

EnVue offers a range of reclaimed barnwood flooring products for your residential or commercial project.  Our flooring is an excellent choice for kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, and bathroom projects.

Our reclaimed barnwood flooring is available in eastern white pine, southern yellow pine, elm, maple, oak, or black walnut.  The flooring is typically 3/4 of an inch thick, 4-7 inches wide, and between 3-15 feet long.

EnVue reclaimed barnwood flooring can also be custom cut, planed, and routed to meet your project needs.

Barnwood Cladding

Reclaimed Barnwood Products

Looking to panel a vertical surface?  EnVue offers reclaimed barnwood for your cladding project.  EnVue cladding can be used for walls, ceilings, bar fronts, and booths.

Our reclaimed barnwood cladding is available in eastern white pine, southern yellow pine, elm, maple, oak, or black walnut.  The cladding is typically 3/4 of an inch thick, 4-7 inches wide, and between 3-15 feet long.

We can also be cut, plane, and route the reclaimed barnwood cladding to customize the lumber for your project.


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