Barnwood Doors

EnVue offers a wide selection of barnwood doors made from reclaimed barn lumber.  Our barnwood doors are perfect for new home construction, home improvement or renovation projects, new commercial construction, and commercial renovation projects.  You can choose from a variety of door styles, materials, and frames.  We also offer a large selection of door rail and roller sets, door pulls, door locks, door latches, and decorative accessories.  Creating your perfect barnwood door is easy - just start with our Design Your Door quote tool.

Our barnwood doors are built with reclaimed exterior and interior lumber from authentic, historic barns.  The beauty of reclaimed barnwood is that it comes in many different shades and includes knots and nail holes that provide rustic authenticity.

Exterior barnwood has been weathered for over 100 years and typically comes from tulip, poplar, or old-growth pine trees.  The wood is typically 3/4 of an inch think and 7 inches wide.  Shades available include white, red, gray, and brown, each uniquely weathered.

Interior corn crib reclaimed barnwood is also available.  The interior barnwood is generally one inch thick, 3-4 inch wide oak with a natural, unpainted finish.  Interior barnwood looks great unfinished or can be stained to create mix of light and dark colors.

All reclaimed lumber is kiln-dried with an acrylic sealer applied.  The clearance from the top of the door to the ceiling must be at least 7 inches.