About EnVue, LLC

EnVue Products Headquarters

EnVue, LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of restoration hardware and reclaimed wood products.  Our business was founded by a group of longtime friends with an interest in restoration, metal hardware and the history and production of reclaimed wood.  In fact, our love of these types of products has existed for nearly 30 years!  It still is our passion today.

In the past, when searching for rustic products, you, the home or building owner, the professional contractor, or the builder, had no choice but to select from a limited list of options regarding metal hardware.  With EnVue, you can now choose from traditional cast or forged metal hardware to increase both functionality and aesthetic appeal within your home or building.  EnVue offers custom, low-volume and high-volume hardware solutions for your specific needs.  We have the experience and expertise to make custom pieces to solve your unique aesthetic or functional needs.

Every project is special!  Trust EnVue to assist you by allowing us to make recommendations from the vast line of products we represent, provide in-house engineering support, or manufacture your specific item(s) all while working from your sketches and your measurements.

If you can imagine it…

We can custom DESIGN it, CUT it, BEND it, WELD it and UNIQUELY FINISH it!

All of our barn wood is reclaimed and salvaged.  Whether it is taken from a barn during a restoration project or it is salvaged from a barn laid to rest, EnVue reclaimed wood products provide a unique piece of art that is warm and offers the rustic charm of natural, gracefully-aged, wood.  Each board, whether refined for a barn door, mantel, shelf, flooring, headboard, custom table or beam, represents the history of that barn and becomes a wonderful addition to your home or commercial building.

With our office headquarters in Indianapolis and our satellite sales offices in Louisville, KY, Burlington, VT and Atlanta, GA, our emphasis is on building strong relationships with both wholesale and retail customers, maintaining an extensive inventory, and providing expert consulting on custom projects.  EnVue, LLC maintains a tradition as the premier manufacturer and supplier of quality hardware and reclaimed wood products.